What you need to know for a healthy and safe holiday in Slovenia


Wine houses or viticulture cooperatives are one of the region’s specialities as they have been an important part of connecting locals since the 17th century onwards. The locals’ capital was wine, contributed by members and with the profit made, they covered various expenses, even maintaining the condition of churches and paths. The members of a viticulture organisation could borrow the wine and return it later. Throughout the centuries, the wine houses and its members have maintained loyalty and order and encouraged cooperation. Some wine houses were still operating after WW2, yet only one wine house in Drašiči is preserved today. It is open for visitors who can get acquainted with the history of the wine house and its function as a unique wine bank, registered as Slovenian living cultural heritage.


Drašiči 46, SI 8330 Metlika

Drašiči Village Vineyard Cottage

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