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Divji potok

Divji potok is a beautiful pearl of nature in the embrace of Kočevje forests. Its spring is above Srednja vas near Črmošnjice, about 10km from Semič. The stream winds most of the way through the forest. After about 3.5km of torrential flow, it flows into the Črmošnjičica stream flowing towards Dolenjske Toplice.

A special feature of the Divji potok brook is the precipitation of the tufa rock. It’s a sedimentary rock that is excreted from water rich in calcium carbonate. Tufa settles on mosses and plants, creating rapids, waterfalls and other obstacles in the riverbed. With tufa excretion, rapids and waterfalls are constantly changing and growing, and ever-higher falls give the water more power to create pools. Water from the nearby Mašelj water cave contributes to the water volume of Divji potok. This water cave has a constant and abundant flow even in the dry season. Divji potok brook with its surroundings represents an important habitat for plant and animal species, dependent on water. If you look closely at the riverbed, you will almost certainly see stone crayfish and the fire salamander. Fortunately, the cold, clear water here still allows their survival. Along the stream white-throated dipper and grey wagtail also live, and in the treetops we have woodpeckers and many passerines. Beech and common hornbeam predominate among the leaf trees. Many herbal plant species thrive in the undergrowth, among them wild garlic, the spring snowdrop and the buttercup.

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