In the Kolpa Landscape Park, you learn about the different faces of the Kolpa River. From the river stretching towards fields, to rapids in the canyon with steep walls. The warmest and because of its slow current the safest river in Slovenia spoils visitors with its pleasant water temperature. With a canoe, kayak or raft discover her pools and rapids.

Kolpa Landscape Park

What do you think about, when you hear Bela Krajina? The white folklore costumes, lambs, birch trees, birch forest with bracken undergrowth. The typical portrayal of Bela Krajina formed along the Kolpa River, that was historically settled by the Uskoks. The Serbian population that was settled during the Military Frontier (Vojna Krajina) left its mark in the tourist development.

The Kolpa Landscape Park is located in the southeastern part of Slovenia, along the Croatian border. The park encompasses the area along the Kolpa River between Stari Trg and Dragoši. Inside the Landscape Park the typical mosaic of the cultural landscape of forests, birch forests with bracken undergrowth, and sinkholes with a high level of biodiversity is prevalent. The main point of the Kolpa Landscape Park is certainly the Kolpa River. Or in the local dialect Koupa. In the river different species of fish, shells, snails and frogs are present. Along the river different types of birds, like Storks, Gray Heron, and ducks are present. From time to time, you can see a swan.

Kolpa River, Slovenia Outdoor paradise

Kolpa! The first and most famous association on Bela Krajina. Why not?
The longest Slovenian coastline is a paradise both for active individuals and families. Swimming in the warmest river is a fun activity both for locals and visitors.

Raft on the upper stream of the Kolpa River. The rapids in Poljanska Dolina are a remarkable experience. Wilderness and the sound of nature. In spring and autumn, when the water levels are higher, is Kolpa a true adrenaline experience. Although waterfalls are disappearing the river’s speed is what gives you the adrenaline rush.
Downstream, where the water is calm, use the canoe or SUP. Bask in the sun, surrounded by nature. Are you feeling hot? Jump into the Kolpa River! Even though it is the warmest river it cools you down.
Relax in the shade of the willow trees, and sunbathe on the riverbank. Simply - enjoy.

Where to rent canoes, SUPs, or rafts? To make it easier click HERE.

Family vacation

“In the Kolpa River, I learned how to swim”, is the best memory a person can remember. A local or a person who returns to Bela Krajina after fifteen years.
Family vacations in Bela Krajina are happy memories of a carefree childhood, running through shallow warm water, and fishing in small pools. Among various camping and tent sites, there are various other accommodations available. You find them under Spend the Night.

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Kolpa Landscape Park
Adlešiči 16, 8341 Adlešiči

Krajinski park Kolpa

Krajinski park Kolpa