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Vrhovci Sinkholes

The Vrhovci Sinkholes represent a typical karstic world full of sinkholes located on a proper karstic meadow west and south of the village of Vrhovci next to the macadam road from Preloka to Adlešiči. There are around 100 sinkholes on a diverse karstic surface measuring almost 55 hectares. Despite the very difficult conditions for cultivation, the sinkholes are still largely cultivated today. The average diameter of their bottom is only about 20 metres, and the depth ranges from 5 to 10 metres. The slopes of the sinkholes are steep, but still gradual enough to enable access with agricultural mechanisation. The surfaces between them are mown, and there are only a few bushes or groups of trees in some places.

The Vrhovci Sinkholes form an exceptional cultural landscape of the shallow karstic world in this part of the park, which is why they have been declared a natural monument due to their geomorphologic significance and uniqueness.

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