What you need to know for a healthy and safe holiday in Slovenia

The town that “mills black,” as the name alludes to, was given its name Črnomelj (“Blackmill”) after a miller who tried to scam a good fairy, disguised as an old lady, by milling her brown flour instead of white, for which he was punished. However, Črnomelj is not famous only for its name, but also for the town’s design, which connects to the roads from Ljubljana, Novo mesto, Zagreb and Rijeka in the shape of a star. The natural pier formed between the Lahinja and Dobličica rivers holds 3000 years of history. During the times of the Ottoman invasions, a river island was formed by the means of a canal. Despite the many sieges, Črnomelj was never conquered. The tourist information centre will be happy to take you on a tour around the town, or organise a creative workshop, together with the local craftsmen making pisanke (beeswax inscribed batik Easter eggs) or spinning flax into linen. There you’ll also get helpful recommendations on where in Bela krajina you can get a good meal or visit an interesting event.

Ulica Staneta Rozmana 1, SI-8340 Črnomelj

Črnomelj Tourist Information Centre

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