The town of Črnomelj, whose name translates roughly as ‘black mill’, got its name when a miller gave a fairy, who was dressed up as an old woman, black flour instead of white, therefore she cursed him and his mill. In addition to the name, another distinctive characteristic of Črnomelj is its town plan with roads leading to Ljubljana, Novo Mesto, Zagreb, and Rijeka intersecting in a star-shaped pattern. The town of Črnomelj, with its 3,000 years of history, is situated on a natural promontory between the Lahinja and Dobličica Rivers. The canal between the two rivers was built during the time of the Turkish raids and the Turks never conquered the town. Visit the Tourist Information Centre, from where you can set off for a walk around the town, take part in a creative workshop making Bela Krajina Easter eggs or embroidery on linen, as well as get recommendations for where to stop for lunch and what events to visit.

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Ulica Staneta Rozmana 1, SI-8340 Črnomelj

Črnomelj Tourist Information Centre