Find the view amidst vineyards and forests in Semič

It’s best to arrive at the picturesque Semič through the Bela krajina “gates” and along the Črmošnjice Valley. A true surprise is conjured up by the view of the vineyard cottages amidst vineyards and the karstic Bela krajina flatland. In the mornings, the countryside is often swathed in mystical mists, and it seems as if Semič is floating amidst vineyards and birches. As a joke, the locals of Semič are called “Šokci” by the other inhabitants of Bela krajina. The Tourist Information Centre will gladly reveal the stories of the market town, open the door of the museum house and give you clues to discover hidden treasures in nature.

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Štefanov trg 7, SI-8333 Semič

Semič Tourist Information Centre